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WinPurify is a free program for Windows 10 that you can run right after download. It displays the options that it makes available on start, with most of them selected by default. It allows you to remove universal apps or the Store app, disable Telemetry and Windows Update, and run some clean up operations to free up space as well.

Additionally, it wants to install a small helper app on the system that checks RAM and performance, and notifies you if usage is too high. The program is offered as a portable version and installer which, apart from the one requiring to be installed before it can be run are identical. Win10 Spy Disabler displays the list of tweaks right on start in its interface. They are listed under the tabs privacy tweaks and system tweaks. Unlike the majority of Windows 10 privacy tools, it is bundling tweaks together in single entries.

Disable spying services, spying scheduled tasks or "remove default built-in Windows apps" perform multiple operations on the system. While that is handy, no information are provided on the nature of what is being changed on the system giving you less control over the functionality. System Tweaks are non-privacy tweaks only, and System Utilities, the third tab in the interface, links to core Windows tools.

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Windows 10 Dominator is an open source program that displays all of its tweaks on a single page on start. The list of available options is limited and resolves mostly around disabling Telemetry and some related options many of which you find under Settings as well. The app does not support backup or restore operations, so make sure you do so manually before using it.

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Windows 10 Lite is a command line script that is best run right after setup of Windows It displays a couple of prompts to you on execution giving you some choice in regards to which tweaks you want applied and which you don't. You may optimize Services using BlackViper's services listing, and let it handle the usual things like removing system apps, tweaking settings for privacy, or removing scheduled tasks used for Telemetry.

It comes without options to create a backup or restore it. So, make sure you create a backup first before you run it. This is a batch file that you need to download from Pastebin. Create a new. When you run it afterwards, it will execute select privacy related tasks including disabling data logging services, uninstalling OneDrive and adding domains to the hosts file to block Telemetry data sending.

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The program ships with a compact interface to modify important privacy settings on Windows You do need to click on check first to retrieve information about tweaks that are already set, but even if you do, some settings are listed as unchecked even though they are checked. Windows 10 Privacy Fixer lets you disable four core services related to telemetry and feedback, block Telemetry hosts, disable application access to system features such as location or calendar, and make general privacy changes, for instance by disabling the unique advertising ID.

Lastly, there are no explanations provided for features. While most are self-explanatory, additional information about some tweaks are necessary to make sense of them or reveal what they actually do when run. Win10 SpyStop checks privacy settings of Windows 10 on start and informs you whether your privacy is threatened or not by them. The program offers only a couple of options when compared to other privacy apps for Windows You may use it to disable telemetry, remote access and diagnostics, block hosts files used for that purpose by Microsoft, or disable the advertising ID.

Destroy Windows 10 Spying concentrates on a handful of privacy settings and tweaks only. You may use it to disable spyware tasks in the Task Scheduler, block Microsoft domains in the hosts file, to turn Windows Update on or off, and to remove select applications or all applications from the operating system.

The program does not support backup and restore functionality, and there are no explanations for the tweaks it offers. While some are self-explanatory, others reveal nothing about the task that gets carried out when they are run. For instance, you don't know which tasks are disabled in the Task Scheduler when you select the tweak to disable spyware tasks in it. You may run the program from the command line. All switches are explained in the readme file it ships with.

All tools discussed in the comparison provide you with options to modify settings of Windows 10 systems to improve privacy. Some offer more tweaks than others, and only one suggests to create a system restore point before making any changes to the underlying system.

It comes down to your personal preference in the end and what you want to achieve.

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  8. All tools disable most of the phone home functionality of the operating system while others go further and let you uninstall apps or make other tweaks that are not necessarily privacy related. Why do you promote DoNotSpy again? The former while shitty and underhanded, does no actual harm to your PC.

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    It just bugs the hell out of you. Kapersky makes a table of contents for all the files of your drive and then phones them to Kapersky. This is how Russian Intelligence hacked sensitive information from a dumb who took their classified work home. This does not prove Kapersky is working directly with Russian Intelligence Agent could have performed man in the middle on the sent Kapersky data , but it does prove you cannot trust Kapersky. Windows 10 Privacy Fixer seems to be the only one that check if something has already been changed.

    Hi, Martin. Do each of these tools require installation?

    Could you add that information to your article? I like stand-alone tools when it comes to tweaking operating system.

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    Thanks again, Martin, for providing and aggregating priceless information. Nobody does it better. For the hell of it I just checked and find I have bookmarks to 40 of your articles. Great synthesis, Martin. Nice work, thanks a lot. Manipulation is the word. We often believe that having the right and the mean to refuse is a guaranty of the honesty of the object and consequently we let go when in fact we are simply bypassing our legal and legitimate interests.

    Same here. Last Patch Tuesday was ok here : none of the previous updates I had hidden popped up again and no new Win10 incentive. I felt it like the calm after a storm :. Interesting stuff. I was interested that freeware portable XP-Antispy was not included in the lineup. While not being exclusively for Win10 it is compatible with the OS and seems to have similar functionality to the reviewed programs.

    It prompts the user to backup existing configuration on the first run, has several privacy profiles to choose from or can be used to review existing privacy settings. For those of you who got tangled up in the Windows 10 web, WinPrivacy would seem to work well for most outgoing connections. What happens if you set the Windows Firewall to block all outgoing traffic by default? EDIT: never mind, found my answer in another page — there appears to still be traffic even with this in place. No armor, simply furtive.

    But I digress. I am actually looking forward to some objective, real-world feedback that might balance out my own skeptical take on Windows Hard to explain. I hope, I really hope that time and users comments of their experience with the OS once the furniture in place, settled, will bring the ratio to a higher level of attraction. I would want them to collect all Windows internal error and functional things that then hopefully? Just not for the price of the seemingly vast amount of data and info about myself. So far that would end for Win 7 in Jan.